Wellness programs in the workplace can help:

  • Employee recruitment and retainment

  • Increase productivity and profit

  • Build a strong team

  • Lower cost of absenteeism and sick leave

  • Reduce workers' compensation and disability claims

  • Happy, healthy and motivated work force

  • Give employees tools to manage stress

  • Increase overall well-being


We offer the following programs in your workplace:

  • before, after work or lunch hour Yoga classes

  • workshops:

    • mindfulness in the workplace

    • office yoga

  • 8 week stress management tool kit course - This course will equip your workforce with simple and effective strategies for dealing with stress in the workplace. We will touch on mindfulness, office appropriate postures, breathing exercises and simple relaxation exercises.

  • Custom program tailored to the needs of your organization 


Please contact us at info@zenergyyoga.ca to create a custom plan for your establishment.