Jessica is not only a great yoga teacher she is also an amazing person with a huge heart! Zenergy Yoga is a sacred space in Toronto and I highly recommend visiting this studio! - Fred Busch, Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Instructor

I would like to thank Jessica, Christina, Eric, Jignasa, Lauren and Tara for Yoga Journey we have been on over the last year.  This journey has led us on a path to understanding what is best for us and provided a wonderful introduction to Yoga along with the postures involved. There are many Yoga Studios out there and your Studio is amongst the finest. What’s not easy to find out there is a  Yoga Studio specifically for those on a healing journey. So much of the popular Yoga out there emphasizes power, intensity, heat and endurance.." - Ron and Lynne  

Great place for a first time yogi. Eric was wonderful!" - Erin

Finally a yoga studio in Scarborough! Beautiful and serene studio with fantastic staff! - Sobia  

Gorgeous, modern studio with friendly staff and highly-trained and caring teachers. I absolutely LOVE the waterfall wall! The owner, Jessica, is a gem with a passion for yoga and fostering a genuine yoga community in Scarborough. My first class with Eric - Thai Restorative - was awesome! I look forward to practicing here every week with other like-minded yogis. Welcome to the Wexford Heights neighborhood, Zenergy Yoga! - Monique

A wonderful community and warm caring instructors. - Keith

Great way to the end the week! I Love Friday flow. - Toni

Zenergy Yoga Studio is a really special place! I've been going a few times a week since it opened this August, and I love it. Despite being in the basement of a plaza, the studio is beautiful, bright and calming. I really love the new waterfall wall! Jessica, the owner, is so friendly and welcoming. She ensures that everyone is comfortable and is really open to feedback. She organizes lots of events and loves to respond to client requests. She (along with her Dad who helps out a lot) really ensures that you feel part of the "Zenergy family"! Jessica is a terrific teacher. Her classes are both fun and challenging. She's taught me so many new postures and has really helped me improve my practice!

The other teachers are also fantastic and happy to adapt the class to your needs and interests. And many of them give you a mini massage at the end of class! I particularly love Eric's thai yoga restorative class (so relaxing after a long work day), and Tara's classes (her bubbly enthusiasm is contagious!). I haven't had the chance to regularly attend classes by the other teachers, but I've enjoyed every class I've taken. The class size is small, making for really personal teaching. Also, the monthly rate is quite affordable and cheaper than most studios. I'm really looking forward to seeing the growth of this wonderful studio! - Melissa

Very clearly demonstrated and the pace nicely judged as well. The instructors are all very accomplished and engaging. I would like to thank Becky most especially. - Maureen

First off, let me start by mentioning that I am a male and this was my first experience with Yoga. I have to say that Jessica does a formidable job with her class. I was a little skeptical prior to trying Yoga but am very happy I took the opportunity to try it out. Typically, I enjoy using weights and machines but was looking for a more peaceful and euphoric experience while also receiving a workout for my body. I was unsure if Yoga could fill that void but thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the calming feeling within Jessica’s class. I honestly feel it has improved my breathing and flexibility already in the short time that I have joined her classes. What I truly enjoy with Jessica’s class is that you can go at your own pace and she is very supportive to assist you with your positioning. Her words throughout the class are also very encouraging and comforting. I feel that it actually relaxes my body and mind and assists me to get through my busy week. I play basketball and hockey weekly and feel this provides me with something I was missing before. The stretching and in particular the breathing has aided me in having more endurance throughout my games. I will continue to take Jessica’s class and would encourage anyone who is feeling unsure about Yoga to take the opportunity to try it out. You won’t regret it! Thanks Jess!  - Tyler

My name is Marcia. I joined Zenergy Yoga about one month ago, late November, 2014. I am 54 and have to deal with 4 psychiatric disorders every day, including Bi Polar Disorder. Since coming to Zenergy Yoga, I have found that my mood is much more stable. When my anxiety is up and/or I feel hypo-manic, I make an effort to go to a class at Zenergy Yoga that day.  Zenergy Yoga has a lot of yoga classes to choose from. If I have a lot of energy, I go to a more energetic class such as the Power Yoga class. If I am less energetic, I go to the Gentle Yoga class.  Together, the meditation,  the breath, and the asanas [yoga positions] practiced at each class, always result in me feeling calmer, and more focused. The yoga studio has been done in light wood colours, the lighting is gentle, and there is even a beautiful water wall. The instructors are very well trained, and compassionate. There is no competition in any of the classes. Everyone only does what they can. I highly recommend Zenergy Yoga for everyone. - Marcia

I LOVE Jessica's classes.  She is very intuitive to the level of the class and allows for modification.  She always goes around trying to help those of us that have a harder time getting the poses. It is easy to follow her classes; she is has a great voice.  It's like that extremely-nice-teacher voice that you know really cares about you and really wants to help you.  I love how she adjusts her classes to fit the weather. So, if it's cold she will do a lot of sun salutations to warm your body up which is great!  Also, she always fits her classes into the allotted time, which is terrific when you have a busy schedule and you have to be somewhere else quick. Still she always makes time for savasana which is really appreciated (since I have had some instructors who do not end with it).  And the best part about that is she will give you a temple massage which is FABULOUS and it really makes you feel like you can tackle anything after her yoga class! - Lori (Beginner Yoga student)

Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Zenergy Yoga! All the best now and always. Zenergy is one of kind, both the instructors and students. Many thanks Jessica and team. See you soon. - Lesley