My name is Erin and home is where my mat is.

My first yoga classes were held in a church basement in my neighbourhood.  I took the classes as a form of exercise.  The notion of it being a practice was an unknown concept to me at the time.  I was much younger then!  I could do poses that I can’t do now, and yet there are poses I can do today that I couldn’t do then. That’s the beauty – of yoga, of being human, of changing and growing.

My next set of yoga classes many years later were held in a local high school’s auditorium. These were 90 minute Kundalini classes offered through the Continuing Education program for Adults.  Kundalini combines movement, breathing exercises, chants, and meditation.  As I look back now, I realize that I was ahead of my time for taking and sticking with this form of yoga for as many years as I had. It was moving me away from the notion that yoga is exercise to yoga is a practice.

Eventually I moved on from the school auditorium to an actual yoga studio. This is where I found community, and so much more… This yoga studio also offered workshops and I joined an evolutionary women’s circle that allowed me to meet like-minded women seeking answers about self that could not be readily accessed on one’s own.   My particular quest was to get back to myself (my essence) and soften my edges (feminine energy) from years in the corporate world (masculine energy). I referenced earlier that I was ahead of my time while taking Kundalini, I realize now that this was the start of my spiritual journey; that despite the demands of my career I carved out time to breathe, chant and meditate. How did I know how essential this would become in the next phases of my life?

Through this circle I met two women who were starting a travel company that combined luxury, yoga and spirituality.  I couldn’t wait to travel the world with them!  And so, along with other wonderful yogis, we started taking these trips - to Muskoka and Arizona and coming up in December 2016, to Tulum Mexico.All the while, the founder of the evolutionary circle, along with other collaborators from England and the States, hosted a global spiritual retreat in Tuscany this past July in a 17th century villa. Yoga under the Tuscan sun … sign me up!  Needless to say, I met the most amazing people there; specifically some fellow Canadians from Halifax, and so for my birthday in September I flew to Halifax for a “Tuscan reunion“east coast style.

Next up, Zenergy!  I am at Zenergy to challenge myself yet again, with new teachers, a new environment and with other yogis.  I am beyond impressed with Jessica’s vision to open a yoga studio at such a young age. I applaud, respect and support this entrepreneurial spirit.  

Home is where my mat is, and so wherever I practice, I find home.