Every great search can end in an adventure if you're ready, and I was. I was searching for some way to get healthy. I had reached the dreaded 40's (lol) and knew something had to change. As everyone today, I had my baggage" stress, medical ailments and a basic need to get healthy. Many options were tossed around to me, but yoga seemed to keep popping up as the option to try. I was not totally convinced it could give me a workout AND be fun - boy, was I wrong! 

At about the time I was starting to investigate what a yoga studio was and what it could offer me, Zenergy Yoga opened up.  As a yogi virgin, I didn't know what to expect. What I discovered what not just a yoga studio which I attend regularly, but a community and an amazing place to work on me. The instructors are pretty cool, too!

I'm about a year into my practice and I feel good and I think I look good. Most importantly, I'm happy to say that most of my medical ailments are all gone - all because of my yoga practice. Even a year of regular practice later, I'm excited to say that I think my adventure in yoga has really just begun. Thank you.