My first memory of yoga dates from when I was a child, watching my parents do sun salutations.  In my memory, everything is peaceful, the morning light streams through the windows... 

My first yoga class was not quite as peaceful.  It was 10 years ago.  I was participating in Katimavik, a volunteer program bringing together youth from across the country.  There were 30 of us, lying on the floor of a gym in Ottawa.  The person on my right was snoring.  The person on my left was giggling (and, let’s be honest, I was probably giggling with him).   I don’t remember the teacher’s name, but I do remember that we called her “the vibrating particles lady”, because the first thing she talked about was vibrating particles.  Both hands and chairs are made of vibrating particles, she explained.  If we believe it strongly enough, our hands will go right through the back of a chair, vibrating particles making way to vibrating particles.  We were not convinced.

I didn’t do much yoga until 5 years later, when I moved to Vancouver and was therefore obligated to take yoga classes (it’s a requirement of living in Vancouver, just like paying taxes).  I traded vibrating particles for yoga on the beach (surrounded by naked people smoking and playing Frisbee – it was a “clothing optional” beach) and I was charmed. 

I’ve practiced yoga on and off since, but it wasn’t until I joined Zenergy Yoga that I really appreciated it.  I joined Zenergy Yoga at the very beginning and I’ve it’s been such a pleasure to see it grow.  It is such a lovely and welcoming studio.  I’ve loved developing my practice with the help of generous and kind teachers.  I’ve loved the varied challenges it presents me: one day we’re working on strength, one day on our flexibility, one day on our balance... and always on our breathing! 

As a student midwife, I am pretty much always busy and overwhelmed.  I have found it hard to make time for yoga in between clinic, births and home visits.  But whenever I come back to the studio, I realize what I have been missing.  Yoga makes me feel better: calmer, less overwhelmed, in a better mood...  And even if the student life takes over for a little while, I know I will be back!  Zenergy Yoga is such a special place and such a wonderful, diverse community.  Thank you for welcoming me!