My introduction to yoga started in the winter of 2003. I was working up north in a community which thrives in the summer months and becomes quiet during the winter season. A woman I worked with said “You should join me for yoga tonight at the town hall – it’s something to do to pass the time.”  I showed up that night with no understanding of yoga, no expectations and... no mat!  

Thirteen years later and I can definitely say yoga is not part of my life because it’s “something to do” -  it is something I cannot live without.  

Since that first class, I have moved to six other cities and towns and the first thing I do once I’m settled in is locate a yoga studio. Whenever I have not been able to practice or decide I should put yoga on hold and try another exercise, I find myself becoming increasingly grumpy! I have learned to make it a priority because I feel the most healthy and the most peaceful when I am in a yoga studio and this comes from the inspiration from the teachers and the energy created by everyone in the room.

I love the saying “you can't un-see what has been seen” and for me, this is how I look at yoga. Once you have been made aware of the importance of the breathing, once you centre all of your movements on your breath, and once you have had that experience of staying in a torturous posture because it was the power of your breath that kept you there – well, you simply can’t unlearn that part of it and nor would you ever want to!

A few years ago my mom got very sick and during her recovery I said “Mom, you need to start treating your body with natural healing – you need to do yoga”. She agreed to it and although she is somewhat fragile and not particularly flexible, I say to her “don’t worry about those things, just make sure you are always breathing – it’s the most important part of the whole process.”

It’s been a long time since that first class in the town hall, and to this day I still cannot get my legs into a bird of paradise and the thought of attempting a wheel posture makes me dizzy, but as we are often reminded, our focus should not be on what has not yet been accomplished. The beautiful thing about any yoga journey is that it is a continual work-in-progress and I’m blessed to be enjoying this part of my journey with Jessica and her team at Zenergy Yoga.