My yoga journey, so far.

Lets go back a year. 2015 wasn’t a very good year. First I got laid off, then my brother dies in a horrific accident. Month goes by, an uncle dies. Just when I think it can’t get any worse, my Dad is diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Then my Mom discovers she has Osteoporosis. I wasn’t a functioning human at that point. Retreating into my house, not able to talk to friends and family, I slowly became more and more secluded, depressed. Anyways, I realized something had to be done, I couldn’t live like that anymore. At this point I remembered a former girlfriend was always happy talking about or doing Yoga.

Looking for things to do I came across Zenergy. Signed up for the 30 day special. Took every class I could for those 30 days. Discovered there was a way out of my downward funk. Slowly as I took more and varied classes I became more confident in myself, my abilities. Having great teachers who encourage one to go further and challenge oneself does wonders. I still can’t stand on my head, but I’m trying!!

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