Hi all,

My name is Prashanthi. Shanthi means “peace”. And Prashanthi means the highest peace. Life gives good and bad. With some difficulties in my life, I was losing my peace and love. By coming to Zenery Yoga, I have gained back my happiness and motivation to enjoy my life. I had several sessions in yoga before coming to Zenergy, but I was missing what I need from yoga and some classes weren’t working out to my lifestyle. With Zenergy, classes are on good timing and I have learned the importance of yoga and the benefits of it. Additionally, with many different types of yoga offered by Zenergy, I have gained very important poses to my body and soul. The classes are great! I enjoy each class and instructors are very friendly and helpful. The classes are focused and results are great. I started as a beginner, it’s been several months now and I see my body more flexible than my first day at yoga class.

In the beginning, there were several poses that I thought I can’t do, such as downward dog, happy baby, tree and jet poses. With Zenergy classes and resourceful instructors I’m improving my poses and gaining benefits from them. My yoga colleagues are great and friendly. It’s been a great experience at Zenergy. And I would always want to continue and enjoy each moment at Zenergy! I wish all the best wishes to Zenergy for the future!