Life is not always easy.  We all have our struggles, and I'm no different. For most of my life I've battled anger issues, and mental health issues, as well as the usual stresses that day to day life throws at us.  I was in an unhappy marriage, not really satisfied with my work life, and was just generally an unhappy person. Things started to change for me about 12 years ago when I began studying martial arts.  I started to see the world, and myself, much more clearly, and I began working on my emotional health as well as my physical health.  Through my martial arts training, as well as a daily meditation regimen, I've learned how to let go of the past, and not allow the day to day stresses of life to get me down.  

I've now been studying martial arts for around 12 years, and I've been teaching for around 6 years, but as a man who just recently turned 50, my body doesn't bounce back as quickly as it used to.  That's where yoga comes in.  I attended my first yoga class almost a year ago, and immediately loved it.  I knew I had to make it a part of my life, and when I found Zenergy, I knew I had found the right place.  Doing 3-4 yoga classes a week at Zenergy helps my body bounce back from the rigours of martial arts training, and helps me emotionally and spiritually as well.  It helps me stay mindful and aware, and helps me stay focused on what's really important.