I started practicing Yoga over fifteen years ago, but it was on and off, all or nothing, love and hate. I remember the first time I ever went to Yoga. I was 14. My sister dragged me to this class in our school. Well, we have a Yoga class once in a week in most of our Indian Schools and I really did not want to be there :). This Yoga stint was brief and came to an end when I finished my schooling. But it left a taste of Yoga in me.

After my university, I had a day dream of becoming like a model ... :):) and I started practicing Yoga but My practice was entirely body focused. I learnt most of the Asanas and also got an opportunity to learn Pranayama (breathing exercise) .This came to an end when I was out of my day dream!!. I had then realized that Yoga is connected not only to the body but also to the mind.

And then!!! I got married to a Yogi!! mm?? I would say I got a Yogi(s) family. My husband and my in-Laws are great believers of Yoga. At the age of 60, today my in-laws practice Yoga everyday and importantly with passion. They always wanted me to continue practicing Yoga for the mental and physical healthiness. This inspired me and helped me to find a Yogi in myself. Yoga and pranayama keep me calm and help me to handle all the family and work related stress. 

The journey continues in Canada....but this time with passion of making myself calmer and better person. I find Zenergy is very much connecting to my back home Yoga classes. Everyday I walk out of the class refreshed. Most importantly I feel full of life and positive energy each day. Zenergy is welcoming and all the instructors are awesome. My Favorite class is Sunday Aroma flow. I am sure you guys also have one...!

Cheers to all the Yogis there!!

Thanks to Zenergy!!