I was introduced to yoga thanks to lululemon when I started working there in 2010, I have always been an active person and the go-go-go type; yoga has taught me to slow down and how to really listen to my body. I remember one of my first yoga classes and how hard I found it was because I wasn’t very flexible. I admired the instructors and students who were so graceful and flowed through the poses with ease, I decided that I wanted to incorporate more yoga into my life with the goal of becoming more flexible. When I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and had to have surgery I wasn’t able to exercise like I used to for at least 4 months, which is when I really turned to yoga to slowly regain my strength.

These days, yoga compliments and balances out my strength training; it truly is the yin to my yang and I love being able to apply what I learn on the mat into my everyday life. I’ve been to lots of yoga studios and Zenergy has always felt like home to me. I’m so grateful to all of the amazing instructors and the owner Jessica for creating such a warm and welcoming space! I always leave feeling uplifted and with a full heart. My favorite classes are the Aroma classes and the Deep Release class! They are incredibly rejuvenating and I look forward to them every week.

Yoga has made me flexible in more ways than I could have expected. It has deepened my connection to myself mentally, physically and spiritually and completely improved my life. I have learned to honor my body and really tune in and listen to what it has to say. My practice teaches me something new every time I step onto my mat and it continues to show me how amazing the human body truly is.